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James Kaguima is a compelling entrepreneurial innovator with experience working with companies & projects that brings sustainable solutions to complex social issues

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What I Do

A young professional on his way to building a career in the Fin-Tech Industry and passionate about social entrepreneurship, whilst supporting existing social impact initiatives as a board member & ambassador


Empowering YOU Initiative is a platform that aims to introduce YOU to individuals outside of their personal networks, helping you to find purpose, opportunity, and create positive energy in times of uncertainty by providing the right networks, connections, resources and opportunities to create brighter better futures through our support network


A podcast that aims to empower individuals to become more purpose-driven through storytelling on self development, personal leadership and entrepreneurship, as well as sparking new ideas and perspectives on life


Leadership’s first rule: Know Thy Self

My blog focuses on helping you become a master of your own destiny and create a life you find fulfilling, through storytelling on Personal leadership and Self improvement content

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My Blogs, e-Books & Courses

Educating and empowering our community is at the heart of what I do and do this via sharing my knowledge and expertise in my Digital products

Learn why having a Large LinkedIn Network might work against you and dispelling the myths you may have been told

My Story


James Kaguima is a mission-driven individual who is passionate about Social Entrepreneurship, Startups, and innovative technology

He often works with people from all walks of life and organisations on career pathways, fulfilling career aspirations, and uplifting underrepresented leaders and young people in the workplace

He is experienced in providing knowledge and insights on startups, social entrepreneurship, and tackling barriers to equality, diversity and inclusion within the startup & business sector.


“Really enjoyed speaking with James, very knowledgable person in providing insights on various innovative ways to improve my business and advice on becoming a purpose-driven leader. ”

Sandra B.